UL uses the term “Gas & Oil” equipment to encompass over 150 types of products intended for the handling and storage of flammable and combustible fluids, and more. Such a variety of possible product families can make it very complicated to determine which specific requirements apply, how to interpret them, and where the product can be marketed.

UL has a long history of addressing Gas & Oil safety issues, with the first gas and oil safety Standard published by UL in 1922. We are the most recognized and respected conformity assessment provider in the world for equipment associated with gasoline, fuel oils, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), anhydrous ammonia (NH3), oxygen/fuel (oxy/fuel) gases and solvents.

Evaluation, testing and certification of these products can be provided by UL in accordance with hundreds of U.S., Canadian, European and IEC standards under the North American, IECEE (CB Scheme) and IECEx conformity assessment systems.

With extensive industry experience and expertise, UL is available to assist the needs of manufacturers, users or inspection authorities of Gas & Oil equipment.

For gas- or oil-fired and solid fuel appliances typically found in the home, UL provides comprehensive services as part of our Appliances and HVAC/R offering.

Find the right service within the UL offering and learn how it meets your particular needs.