Subject to between 6 and 9 hours of continuous use per day, mattresses are some of the most used pieces of furniture in homes. It is imperative that mattresses offer comfort and performance over time, which can be difficult to measure.

Mattress Performance Testing from UL is designed to determine how mattresses wear over time so that manufacturers can evaluate long-term performance, comfort and safety. UL can evaluate static loads, and conduct impact and durability testing, all to widely used, internationally recognized testing standards.

Mechanical Tests

To verify that beds do not have sharp edges or crushing points, and can handle mechanical stresses during their lifetime, UL can perform mechanical tests for static loads, impact tests, and durability tests. These tests are required by EN 1725 “Domestic Furniture – Beds and Mattresses – Safety Requirements and Test Methods”.

Softness and Durability Testing

UL can perform tests to measure the load/deflection curve of a new mattress or bed set and determine the initial hardness value (H) and firmness rating (Hs), which are required in the European standard EN 1957 “Furniture – Beds and Mattresses – Test Methods for the Determination of Functional Characteristics and Assessment Criteria.”

Loss of Height

Mattresses can also be measured for loss of height after the cycles. After testing, the mattress is inspected to see if any damage to seams, springs, and displacement in filling material or other deterioration has occurred.

Measuring mattresses is difficult due to their soft, flexible nature. UL can perform mattress measurements according to EN 1334 “Domestic Furniture – Beds and Mattresses- Methods of Measurement and Recommended Tolerances.” Mattress dimension are measured using special pads, applied with a specified force, to have reliable results.

Finally, UL can test textiles for seam strength, color fastness and durability.

Manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of mattresses must meet a variety of regulatory and quality expectations, making Mattress Performance Testing a valuable tool for stakeholders across the supply chain. This thorough testing lends a better understanding of the performance of a mattress over time, which helps manufacturers, suppliers and retailers assess the quality and safety of their products for long-term use.