UL supports household furniture manufacturers in their drive to produce high-quality, safer products through furniture testing for performance and durability, flammability, quality assurance programs, supply chain solutions and chemical emissions testing.

Our global compliance knowledge helps our customers meet increasing compliance demands, and get their products to market faster. Furniture manufacturers and retailers are affected by California Proposition 65 regulations, which require almost every business operating within the state to warn buyers of the presence of any of nearly 900 chemical substances contained in or emitted by the products that they sell.  Additionally, California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 requires testing of upholstered household furniture to meet new flammability requirements.  UL has the expertise to advise customers on compliance approaches.

In addition to regulatory and compliance testing, UL is a leading provider of safety certifications for bedding products that have motorized or temperature control components.  Certifying products to UL 962, the Standard for Household and Commercial Products, tests and certifies that products meet safety standards and perform safely while in use.  If you are interested in how the UL Safety Certification process works, view the typical procedure and other customer resources.

For retailers and manufacturers of household furniture, UL can help with quality control processes, including detecting variances and defects at critical checkpoints throughout the supply chain, and performing quality and compliance tests across the entire manufacturing process – from prototyping to packaging and distribution.

We also help manufacturers communicate quality to consumers. UL is a global leader in product emissions testing, which can mitigate risks and customer complaints. For manufacturers that want to differentiate their products, UL’s GREENGUARD Certification, a rigorous third-party certification, certifies that a product has low chemical emissions and serves as a health-based differentiator for products.

Our customers leverage UL’s regulatory, safety and world-market expertise to gain a competitive edge. We tailor our offerings to meet specific business needs, plans and budget requirements, enabling our customers to avoid redundant testing, mitigate risk and realize their business goals – both now and into the future. Contact us today to determine how UL can best support your business.