As industrial components, equipment and machinery become smarter and more connected, system integrators need to ensure the safety integrity of all components within the overall assemblies to avoid production downtime and improve personnel safety.

With UL’s extensive technical expertise in machinery safety for industrial automation, industrial tools and robotics, we are able to assist system integrators in the safe and successful integration of equipment and software processes for unique manufacturing objectives.

Through our in-depth and independent machinery risk assessments, we are able to pinpoint system inconsistencies and weaknesses that pose unacceptable safety risks to personnel at any point along the production process.

Our risk assessment program as well as technical advisory services and training can help system integrators achieve compliance with the national and international standards including ANSI B11, ISO 12100, NFPA 70, NFPA 70E or 29 CFR 1910 OSHA.

As a global leader in safety science and engineering, backed by more than a century of industrial expertise, we provide system integrators with a comprehensive partner for the most complex manufacturing safety challenges.

Find the right service within the UL offering and learn how it meets your particular needs.