Interconnected machinery, smart equipment and supply chain digitization is transforming production lifecycle management practices around the world.

Known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0, this wave of innovation enables suppliers and manufacturers to optimize and automate processes and assets through the use of sensors, robotics, advanced analytics and intelligent networks.

More and more manufacturers are seeking to integrate IIoT technology into production processes. UL is an experienced partner that can help test and certify any equipment or software destined for working environments.

Our team of software and engineering experts assist customers with complex industrial control system (ICS) safety challenges, helping to ensure safe and smooth interoperability of equipment by avoiding misinformation or missing data that could affect the acceptable safety levels and performance of an asset or product.

With extensive cross-industry experience in IIoT functionality, we can help all types of manufacturing customers mitigate the risk of production downtime resulting from personnel injury or offline machinery.