For more than 100 years, UL has supported insurance companies, risk managers, financial professionals, property managers and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) by identifying fire risk and addressing fire risk management challenges. Increasingly sophisticated tools and methodologies are required to assess and mitigate the risks of commercial and industrial building structures and new product packaging and storage techniques. Through comprehensive testing, insurers and their customers can gain a precise understanding of property risks and identify opportunities to minimize losses and reduce the consequences of fire.

By leveraging UL’s expertise and ability to conduct large-scale warehouse simulation fire tests, customized solutions are developed to help customers demonstrate performance acceptance in situations not covered by current fire codes. Customers can present a performance-based fire test report to AHJs, insurers and building owners to demonstrate compliance with the applicable installation and design codes.

UL’s large-scale fire test facilities feature a 120’x120’x48′ primary test room that simulates a wide range of warehouse arrangements with a 100’x100′ moveable ceiling adjustable from 6 feet to 48 feet to simulate varying building heights and sprinkler system clearances. Customers can view tests from a temperature controlled observation room with large viewing windows and monitors showing sprinkler temperatures and operation times, along with infrared temperature profiles and images. Video streaming is also available to our customers for viewing tests remotely. A state-of-the-art smoke abatement system with 60,000 cubic feet per minute capacity captures all smoke products in an environmentally friendly manner, with the exhaust system centrally located above the moveable ceiling to remove heat and smoke consistently and yield a simulation of a significantly larger warehouse.


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