UL’s fire safety team provides testing and certification of sprinklers and develops Standards to help enhance and check the operating performance of both wet- and dry-type sprinklers in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Fire tests relevant to the intended end use are performed. Sprinklers are also evaluated for physical strength and leakage resistance, sensitivity to environmental conditions and temperature rating, response time, functionality, durability, water flow, and distribution.

Sprinklers compliant with EN 12259-1 may use the CE Mark for the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which applies to European products incorporated into permanent structures. Sprinklers compliant with Brazil’s ABNT NBR 6125 and 6135 standards may use the UL Mark for Brazil.

UL tests sprinklers sampled from field installations as a service to inspection authorities, the sprinkler manufacturers, insurance industry and property owners. UL’s report on the results of testing assists these parties in assessing the effectiveness of sprinkler systems or the need for replacing sprinklers currently in service.

UL can also conduct warehouse simulation fire tests at UL’s large-scale test facilities in Northbrook, Ill., for a customized solution to help customers demonstrate performance acceptance in situations not covered by current fire codes. Customers can present a performance-based fire test report to authorities having jurisdiction, insurers and building owners to demonstrate compliance with the applicable installation and design codes.

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