UL evaluates pipes and fittings, including rubber gasketed fittings, flexible sprinkler hose with fittings, and pipe hanger and bracing equipment, to determine their suitability for use in water-based sprinkler system piping.

Pipe and fitting assemblies are subjected to performance tests such as leakage, hydrostatic pressure, low temperature and bending. Thermoplastic pipe and fitting assemblies are checked with extended-term hydrostatic pressure and tests to evaluate the joining method. Piping systems intended for exposed installations are also subjected to fire tests. Pipe hanger and bracing devices are subjected to load tests. Antifreeze solutions used in fire sprinkler systems are subjected to material compatibility testing as well as evaluated to determine corrosiveness, firefighting effectiveness and solution stability.

UL tests pipes and fittings to UL Standards for water-based sprinkler systems, and national regulatory demands. In the United States and Canada, fire sprinkler systems must be designed and installed in accordance with Installation of Sprinkler Systems, NFPA 13, NFPA 13D and/or NFPA 13R.


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