UL offers a broad portfolio of fire safety testing that can assist our customers in proactively identifying and evaluating unique fire safety concepts as well as fire suppression techniques when protecting property. These investigations include performance-based fire testing that can efficiently and cost effectively simulate a fire safety challenge, such as the mitigation of special hazards associated with unusual storage scenarios, unique applications or challenging environments. UL has the flexibility of using an existing test method or a customized test procedure to evaluate new and innovative construction designs as well as various fire suppression techniques. The test data can be used to identify specific levels of fire risk, evaluate possible solutions and substantiate performance acceptance.

As the complexity of structures, materials and building contents increases, risk managers need a precise understanding of the risks they face in the event of a fire and catastrophic loss. UL can help these professionals gain valuable and practical insights into fire safety and prevention. This knowledge, in turn, helps them manage risks more effectively and make informed business decisions to ensure business continuity.

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