Every good wireless product enhances the user experience when connected. Early engagement and selecting the right antenna for a device is fundamentally important to delivering this experience. How can this be achieved?

A successful wireless product requires characterisation testing right at the beginning of the product development cycle to minimise the risk of performance issues which may lead to potential product launch delays incurring cost, SAR certification failures and totally overhaul to product. It is therefore important that good hardware solutions are selected and good practices are followed for a complete solution addressing our customer needs. This is a critical part of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

About the Webinar:

This event is to address the following topics below and inform the industry of issues that may be of concern.

  • Current Performance Challenges
  • Design & Harnessing Wireless Innovation
  • Antenna Simulation vs Actual Measurements
  • Integration Challenges (Antenna Performance, SAR and EMC)
  • New Measurement Techniques & Instrumentations
  • Common Challenges relating to RF performance compliance Without ACT
  • When Should Antenna Performance be addressed
  • Roundtable Discussion

Event will be held online, on the 2nd of April 2015, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST


Fara Razally – UL Subject Matter Expert (SME) Antenna Performance

Richelieu Quoi – Product Manager Mobile Comms, Wearable, Automotive

Matthew Owen – Project Leader EMC

Steven White – Project Leader Radio Performance

Who should attend?

  • Smartphone, Tablet manufacturer
  • Wearable Technology manufacturer
  • R&D engineers
  • Wireless Product designers
  • Wi-Fi Integrated Products Manufacturers

How to Register?

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For more information go to: Fara.Razally@ul.com

For questions contact Fara Razally at Fara.Razally@ul.com or call +44 (0) 1256 312 166