UL Wellness Certification for Products

Demonstrate that your products support human health and well-being

With problems like obesity, asthma, inactivity and depression soaring to epidemic levels around the globe, the importance of wellness is gaining more attention. With much of the population spending upwards of 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s increasingly critical that indoor environments support human health and well-being. With well being coming into focus for programs like the WELL Building Standard, how do you demonstrate that your products contribute to wellness related criteria?

UL’s Wellness Certification is the first certification program that helps demonstrate a product’s contribution to requirements in the WELL Building Standard, a program advancing health and well being in buildings globally. Products that are UL Wellness Certified are evaluated for criteria including product emissions, ergonomics and chemical and material transparency. UL’s Wellness Certification requires each product to meet the applicable requirements listed in the WELL Building Standard, and can evaluate additional criteria as requested.

Part of UL’s mission to advance health, safety and well-being, the UL Wellness Certification provides a trusted, third-party evaluation that products including furniture, interior paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, insulation and lighting contribute to the requirements of the WELL Building Standard.

 UL’s Wellness Certification offers benefits for everyone

The UL Wellness Certifications helps bridge the gap between all stakeholders in the design, build and occupancy process. Here are some of the benefits:

Architects and designers

  • Easily identify products that contribute to requirements of the WELL Building Standard on SPOT, UL’s resource for comprehensive certified product information
  • Help building owners and managers create buildings that support occupant health and well-being


  • Differentiate your products with a certification that indicates that your productd comply with emerging wellness building schemes
  • Demonstrate that products that support human health and wellness


  • Enjoy products that meet and exceed critical criteria to support wellness
  • Experience healthier, more productive and comfortable indoor environments

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