Once a manufacturer initiates the GREENGUARD Certification process, we work closely with that manufacturer to develop a customized certification plan. This plan takes into account the manufacturer’s unique product line, manufacturing process, and certification goals.


Support Provided During Certification

Once the certification process has begun, UL Environment will collaborate with the manufacturer to ensure that the certified products are introduced into the marketplace. In addition, a technical account manager provides dedicated customer service throughout the certification process to ensure efficiency and availability for day-to-day concerns.

Timeline to Achieve Certification

Though timelines vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the product, the number of manufacturing locations, and the number of Test Groups, the following timeline is an approximation:


1. Manufacturer Initiates Intent to Certify (1 day)


2. Certification Plan Developed (1-4 months)

  • Planning Meeting
  • Manufacturing Review
  • Product Evaluations
  • Test Groups Established


3. Certification Compliance Tests (2-3 weeks)


4. Final Certification Compliance Package Submitted to UL Environment
(1 week)

  • Application
  • Certification Plan
  • Compliance Plan


5. GREENGUARD Certification Awarded (1 week)