Water is an essential natural resource. Driven by growing demand for water resources, increasing water scarcity in many areas and/or degradation of water quality, the issue of water use and management has become increasingly important to the global debate on sustainability. Increased global competition for water represents both risks and opportunities for businesses. Incorporating a platform of water stewardship into business practices can also be leveraged to effectively manage brand and reputation, business continuity, or as a driver for innovation.

A Water Footprint from UL Environment, in accordance with ISO 14046, is a comprehensive solution to better understand water related impacts in an internationally consistent manner. It addresses the potential environmental impact(s) related to water and associated with a product, process or organization. Your organization can leverage a Water Footprint to:

  • Assess the magnitude of potential environmental impacts related to water
  • Identify opportunities to reduce water related impacts at various stages of a product, process or organization’s life cycle
  • Facilitate water efficiency, optimization of water management, and strategic risk management related to water

A Water Footprint is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) framework and identifies potential environmental impacts related to water, quantitative metrics related to water usage and quality, and includes relevant geographical and time-based considerations. The Water Footprint can be conducted and reported as a stand-alone assessment or as part of an LCA and/or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).