UL’s Circularity Facts Program can help companies demonstrate their circular economy efforts through product, facility and company programs and position them for leadership in the future.

Circular Economy Services

The elements of more circular business models and economies include the product innovations and process efficiencies many companies are putting into place today. UL has sustainability standards for products using recycled content, minimizing waste, achieving zero waste to landfill, implementing closed loop recycling and can certify products and companies to the standards. UL’s new Circularity Facts program combines all these activities into one measure which demonstrates a company’s complete Circular Economy story through a Circularity Facts report.

Some of the validations that are part of UL’s Circularity Facts program are:

Recycled Content and Closed Cycle Recycled Content
Validates the post-consumer, pre-consumer (post-industrial) or total recycled content of a product by means of auditing.
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Byproduct Synergy
Validates the byproduct synergy sourced content of a product by means of auditing.
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Evaluates a product’s recyclability through testing or auditing.
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Landfill Waste Diversion
Validates a company’s waste diversion claims to a variety of levels through auditing.
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