AWS Truepower was acquired by  UL to expand and strengthen their full lifecycle solutions for Wind and Solar Energy Sectors.

Wind turbine manufacturers deal with a distinct set of challenges. They must balance the demands of regulatory authorities, developers, investors and insurers. They need to manage the high upfront investment typically required to bring products to market, and factor in their development or commissioning plans a performance test that can be a long and unpredictable process.

UL provides services aimed at helping cut through the complexity of bringing wind-powered equipment to the global market. We provide a single, comprehensive test program to achieve global certifications based upon a manufacturer’s unique needs. For complex projects, we offer a modular approach that allows specific deliverables to be completed in shorter phases. This makes it easier to stay within budget, meet deadline milestones and align specific services with the product development timeline.

Our world-class wind testing site provides excellent environmental conditions and on-site technical support that deliver quick, reliable results and reduced time-to-market. We provide safety, performance and function testing services for the assessment of wind turbines and wind turbine components. Not only must these services comply with regional, national and international regulations and standards (UL 6142, AWEA 9.1, IEC 61400-2, MCS 006, JSWTA 0001, CAN/CSA-C61400-2), but they also must meet the needs of insurers, developers and investors.

Our services cover many areas in project development for planning and engineering, construction and commissioning, and operations and maintenance. We offer measurement services and instrumentation solutions to assess the power quality characteristics and grid compliance of wind turbines and wind farms, the acoustic noise emission of wind turbines, and the power performance and mechanical loads of wind turbines and wind turbine components. We also provide sensor calibration services, provisioning of wind energy measurement equipment, and training courses for industry professionals.

We can help manage the risks and reduce the complexities of offshore and onshore wind installations. UL assists stakeholders – developers, investors and operators – to identify the critical aspects related to wind farm projects. We do this through a comprehensive offering of complete services, including site assessments and planning, power measurements, equipment checks and due diligence, all tailored and flexibly delivered to meet each customer’s needs.