Modernizing the world’s electric grids is a critical enabler for achieving the societal benefits that come from optimizing the way we generate, distribute and use electricity. Smart electrical grids, capable of bidirectional electricity and data flow, are a cornerstone of smart cities, and UL is proud to be part of this evolution.

As an ever-increasing number of products and systems become interconnected, the need to verify interoperability between them prior to installation and use is a critical cost and time saver. UL provides testing and certification services for smart grid product and system interoperability, performance and security.

As a member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) since its founding in 2009, UL remains a leader in the identification, development and implementation of interoperability and security standards for electric grid products and systems.

Our interoperability, performance and security services focus on product-level conformance to protocols such as IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2.0), product-to-product interoperability and full end-to-end system testing.

Whether it’s sourcing conformant products or assessing conformance directly, our global footprint enables us to serve smart grid product manufacturers throughout the world.

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