Building trust into the PV value chain.


UL’s comprehensive suite of PV plant services helps stakeholders manage the risks associated with building and operating PV plants. Our services are designed to align with the development phases of a PV plant, providing the right service where needed.

Planning, Design and Engineering
Customers benefit from increased stakeholder confidence when UL conducts an independent evaluation of a PV project. UL performs a technical due diligence review of project documentation, design and energy yield assessment (EYA) during the planning, design and engineering phase. UL also provides bankability and performance services that evaluate and test hardware and factory inspections to assess quality control and consistency in production, as well as expose inconsistencies that are known to impact long-term reliability.

Due Diligence
This set of services involves assessing technical aspects of the project. It comprises a project documentation review, a design review and an EYA. The EYA is performed prior to construction, with consideration for location, meteorological data and hardware specifications for the purpose of verifying financial models to expected production.

Targeted services provide full or partial testing to international performance standards, such as IEC/UL 61215 or IEC/UL 61646. UL also recommends additional key tests to expose defects that are known to impact long-term reliability. The production processes are examined specifically for consistency in PV quality, including stringent quality control across the supply chain. The company size, history, reputation, financial foundation and product portfolio are also reviewed.

Construction and Commission
UL’s broad knowledge of PV hardware, systems, and national and local codes can reduce construction risks. Careful inspection and measurement reduces the likelihood of costly rework and delays caused by improper implementation and installation practices. We offer pre-inspection to identify construction issues early in the development phase, and also plant commissioning process assessment to verify the safe and proper operation of the system as intended per the design.

In-Service, Operations and Maintenance
System availability is a key factor in achieving expected energy production. Periodic inspections and performance verification can mitigate outages or unexpected drops in yield. In addition, through periodic examination of the system, UL services can provide insight into equipment status and overall system health through post-inspection, failure analysis and performance verification. Independent inspections also help protect asset value when plant ownership changes.