UL provides our customers with access to a global network of technical experts who understand local, regional and national requirements, and who serve as a trustworthy single source for our customers’ testing, verification, certification and compliance needs.

We help our customers determine and understand applicable market requirements. We work with our utility customers and with state regulators to identify, define, develop and assess conformance to relevant safety, performance, interoperability and security requirements. We are able to help utilities understand how to specify conformant products that have already been evaluated to relevant technical requirements, or how to customize testing and conformance programs directly for a utility to the relevant technical requirements.

We work with product manufacturers to certify many utility-owned or interconnected products-including meters, inverters, transformers, switchgear, large-scale storage, PV and wind-for product safety. We also provide performance verification services to product manufacturers, including ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 for smart meters and Cal Rule 21 for advanced inverter functionality for smart inverters. Additionally, we provide interoperability testing services, such as IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2.0), to manufacturers, which facilitate a utility sourcing conformant products.

We also work directly with utilities in situations where previously compliant products are unavailable, or the utility’s needs and specifications are not addressed by available technical requirements. Our customized research, testing and verification programs are designed to assess the safety, performance, interoperability or security of a product or system according to the utility’s own specifications. Each program is customized to address the critical product or system attributes, and the impact that each utility’s unique installation and use environment dictates.

Whether it’s sourcing conformant products or assessing conformance directly, our global footprint enables us to serve utilities throughout the world. Our worldwide marketplace expertise enables us to help utilities source conformant products and systems from around the world that meet the unique specifications of the utility for safety, performance, interoperability and security.