Engine generators are the technology, products, services and infrastructure used to generate power for many applications including construction, oil and gas, commercial, industrial, standby and prime power. These products and services are critical to the proper operation of the electrical grid and distributed generation in many parts of the world.  With the increase in use of engine generators around the world and the great demand for power, certification, testing, inspection and performance of engine generator equipment and installations is of great importance to the local authorities.  Local authorities are concerned with the engine generator products, including portable generators, residential generators, commercial & industrial generators, relocatable generators, micro-turbines and gas turbines.  UL is accredited to provide global services for the acceptance of engine generator products and installations.  This includes UL, IEC, ISO, ATEX, Hazardous Locations and regionally specific requirements.  With over 20 years of experience in the industry UL is poised to provide the right service for acceptance throughout the value chain.