Risk management, training and testing for businesses working with lithium-ion and other advanced batteries.


As an owner, handler, shipper or insurer of lithium-ion and other advanced batteries, it is important to have a clear view of the inherent risks and hazard profiles for thermal runway, combustion and toxic emissions associated with these energy storage products.

UL provides a comprehensive suite of research, analysis and advisory services designed to address the needs of all stakeholders in the lithium-ion battery value chain. We can also tailor a multidisciplinary program to suit our customers’ specific needs, including field evaluations, hazard-based analysis, and simulation, training and custom research.

UL also supports organizations in addressing key hazards with preventative and corrective actions that will help to reduce or remove risk. This unique program delivers significant value to companies that insure, handle, ship or store lithium-ion batteries.

Forensic analysis
UL’s comprehensive suite of forensic analysis tools and techniques help to better identify and understand the root causes of lithium-ion battery failures, enabling manufacturers, integrators and system owners to address the issues, improve battery safety and reduce the chance of future events.

Field evaluation
UL provides responsive, on-site field evaluation services to keep our customers on schedule with their go-to-market plans. By assisting Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in determining compliance of a product leading to approval of an installation, our customers’ equipment can be energized efficiently. Installing un-labeled equipment and getting an AHJ rejection (red tag) can result in delays and other problems.

UL’s field evaluation services are available worldwide to owners, manufacturers and contractors.

Custom research
Our custom research helps to identify critical safety and performance issues. Research topics include:

  • Simulation of fire suppression / containment system
  • Full-scale energy storage system fire demos (for firefighter safety)
  • Computer modeling and scaling
  • Construction assessment
  • Forensic analysis/ failure investigation
  • Internal short circuit/failure
  • Smoke characterization

Online Training
UL offers a number of courses on battery safety and handling. Please visit UL Knowledge Services for more information.