We enable safety and accelerate innovation.

Products serving countless industries and reaching every corner of the globe are stamped with the iconic UL mark. While many have seen it, some may not understand what those letters truly represent. The UL brand is the hallmark for compliance and safety across myriad of industries. As our demand for more energy and new battery driven technologies has grown, UL has helped ensure they have been delivered to the market safely and reliably.

The safety process is only the beginning of UL’s expertise. Decades of knowledge and experience allow us to help innovative companies along every stage of the product development process. As our world changes and our desire for technology grows, complex new energy based products are constantly being created. Our ever-growing team of scientists, engineers, and safety specialists work hand-in-hand with innovative companies to help reduce the obstacles faced when bringing new products to the energy market.

UL services are designed to help reduce the complexities associated with creating energy storage products. We support our customers in their drive to deliver safer and better technologies to the global marketplace. Battery and energy storage systems have distinct public and product safety concerns. UL’s testing and certification services and expertise help manufacturers understand how their products will perform under anticipated usage and various hazardous scenarios – including abuse – during discharge and recharge cycles. We offer component testing, certification, and surveillance services that verify the integrity of the entire supply chain and help facilitate seamless introduction of products into the global marketplace. We also help our customers meet the United Nations (UN) requirements for lithium battery transportation testing, as detailed in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Sub-section 38.3 (UN 38.3, UN International Air Transport Association (IATA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). We also test and certify products according to UL Standards and applicable global, national and regional standards and requirements. We can also customize tests to meet specific needs and applications.