When it comes to a customer’s relationship with a product, interoperability is KEY. For Wi-Fi devices, the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification mark ensures that certified devices all work with one another. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ logo stands for Interoperability, Security, and latest in Wi-Fi technology. UL plays a part of this mission of interoperability certification as a Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Lab. We not only offer certification testing, but we also offer debugging, pre-testing, advisory, and ASD test plan development services. UL is qualified to test the following WFA Certification Programs:

  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n (802.11a/b/g/n, WPA™/WPA2™, WMM®)
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac
  • Protected Management Frames (PMF)
  • Wi-Fi Direct®
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup™
  • Miracast®
  • WMM-Power Save

Only Wi-Fi Alliance members may utilize certification test services. In addition to official certification testing, manufactures can rely on UL to leverage its Wi-Fi expertise to help the end-product development process. For more information contact us: Address: 47173 Benicia Street Fremont, CA 94538 USA Contacts:

Robert Barrett
Program Manager
Saied Haddad
Wireless Project Lead
Phone: +1-510-771-1137
Click HERE to view our Authorized Test Lab Info at the WiFi Alliance site!

Are you a Wi-Fi integrator based in Europe? If so take a look at our dedicated European Consumer Technology website. Here you can find information about our local Wi-Fi Testing and Certification services in your region and events happening close to you.