UL offers a number of services dedicated to verifying the integrity of telecommunications infrastructure and helping to safeguard the proper working capabilities of telecom equipment, whatever the conditions.

Customers can take advantage of the time-and-cost savings associated with bundling services and eliminating redundant testing. A carefully crafted test plan can streamline testing and evaluation when considering multiple markets, technologies or carriers. We work with our customers to meet their scheduling needs for EMC testing and have the ability to remotely monitor by video equipment under EMC testing.

EMC testing is one component of a complete NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) evaluation, which also includes tests for stability and durability when a device is exposed to conditions, including vibration, fire, humidity, extreme temperatures, lightning and earthquakes. Our testing services enable UL to guide customers through all of the Telecommunications Carrier Group (TCG), Verizon and AT&T NEBS requirements, as well as European telecommunication standards, including EN 300 386 and EN 300 019.