Gain insights to all of your safety data in one location with PURE™ Safety

Self-service safety management for your workforce

Ditch multiple systems for one centralized solution to manage all aspects of your safety program. One location to consistently log your incidents, assign corrective actions, analyze underlying causes, and report on incident rates.

Submit incidents and stay compliant.

Give all your employees access to submit incidents quickly and send automated notifications to specific colleagues using the easy-to-use forms through their web browsers and mobile devices. Giving you reliable, consistent and timely information you can act on, all stored in a central and secure location.

PURE Safety helps you manage your EHS data and meet legislative requirements such as OSHA and RIDDOR within one single system.

Assign tasks for corrective actions

Safety is not just about meeting legislative requirements. It’s about preventing future incidents by acting on the data you collect and gaining insight into underlying trends. Define roles and assign tasks to act quickly and efficiently, making the data work for you.

Real-time, anytime, anywhere

Get the information right where you are. Including real-time dashboards where you can view logs and access corrective actions. All the data and information you need to help your workforce keep on top of their work and minimize future risk.

Learning Management System (LMS)

UL’s PURE Safety solution offers a learning management system to centralize and deliver all of your training and understand every employee’s training status. Combine that with UL’s best-in-class training content, developed by our in house team of workplace health and safety experts, and you have a comprehensive solution that’s effective and easy to use.


  • Incidents: Capture incidents in detail and record everything including who or what was involved, how the incident was investigated, root cause analysis, and risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Audits: Create audit records, raise/update non-compliances and manage corrective actions.
  • Learning Management: Centralize and deliver all of your training and understand every employee’s training status.