Manage your organizations health and wellness to increase productivity with PURE™ Health

Good employee health and wellness is a business imperative, with significant benefits for employees as well as the company bottom line. Healthier workers are safer workers, and vice versa. However, occupational health professionals often need to spend more time on administration than on patients. That’s where we come in.

PURE™ Health is UL’s solution to managing organizational health and wellness in your organization. It’s built with the user in mind and is highly customizable so you can focus on the things that matter. Improving workforce health and lifestyle behaviors lowers medical and disability claims and reduces unplanned sickness, absence, and lost productivity. UL’s comprehensive wellness and health technology solutions enable you take control of available data and leverage it to enhance your healthcare service offerings. Our frameworks are standardized for compliance with organizational data including EMR, mobile and medical devices, industry benchmarks, and claims. With the tools and resources of UL’s health and wellness platform, you can meet today’s occupational challenges and tackle tomorrow’s as well.

As your leader in workplace safety in healthcare, UL’s platforms were designed by experienced clinicians and staff to help you identify and proactively address problem areas and risks, reduce costs, coordinate with payer and provider groups, and keep your people safe, healthy, and on the job. Small occupational health clinics, hospitals and large healthcare systems, and six of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies use our healthcare workplace safety products to improve worker safety in hospitals and to drive efficiency and cost savings in key areas including Medical Surveillance, Compliance Reporting, and Encounter Management.

Our Health and Safety Solutions:

  • PureOHS™: Our solution for making Medical Compliance Management easy. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a healthcare facility, a municipality, or any other organization that is struggling to track your employees’ compliance with OSHA or CDC internal regulations, PureOHS can help. Benefits include: compliance and reporting, email notification, employee and supervisor views, health fair workflow, fast implementation, mobile and secure
  • SYSTOC®: Our powerful tool that helps hospital-affiliated occupational health programs, freestanding practices, and urgent care clinics streamline the process of recording information during clinic visits and offers company specific protocols that help your clinic bill quickly and accurately.
  • OHM® (Occupational Health Manager): Our multi-module software solution gives you all the tools you need to manage the occupational health needs of your workforce. Benefits include: streamlined information management, maximized consistency and accuracy, identified problem areas and risk, reduced workplace injuries, and increased compliance.