Sports and entertainment events are larger than ever, given significant investments in new venues, an ever-increasing fan base, and the global recognition and acceptance of organizations, athletes and teams. And at every event, a variety of concessions and services can enhance spectator experience while also generating additional revenue from each attendee. Services can include:

  • Traditional concession stands
  • Valet parking
  • Stores and boutiques offering team merchandise
  • High-end restaurant-style eateries
  • Club-level hospitality suites

In addition, venue operators must be able to meet peak demand for four to six continuous hours with little interruption in spectator flow. Unfortunately, this dynamic often results in overcrowding and congestion at sports venues typically in:

  • Access roads leading to a venue
  • Venue parking fields and garages
  • Admission entry points
  • Interior pedestrian traffic patterns
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Restroom facilities
  • Concessions layout and access

UL’s Continuous Improvement Solutions team has helped our customers find success in applying principles and practices such as those found in Lean and Six Sigma across a wide range of production and services in the sports and entertainment industry. Our methods and tools are now leveraged by sports and entertainment companies to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve flow, minimize congestion and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Our system uses science-based, problem-solving methods to identify root cause issues, and apply improvement tools to create new standard procedures that reduce waste and improve quality. The effectiveness of new procedures is monitored to assess results, and additional changes are incorporated for further improvements. As a result, the most successful continuous improvement initiatives are systematic and ongoing, contributing to creation of an organizational culture in which continuous improvement is the rule instead of the exception.