Continuous improvement helps positively address the primary quality issues confronting the public and not-for-profit sectors: difficulties in securing funding, priority shifts with each change in leadership, and inefficient resource and project management. The Lean approach also addresses the problems inherent in an initiative-based work organization that creates organizational silos engaged in constant and inefficient firefighting and duplicative work lacking synergy.

UL’s services for the public sector utilize the core principles that guide UL’s entire continuous improvement approach: Align—Enable—Empower. We align all stakeholders in a common goal to create a culture of excellence; we enable transformation by helping create supportive processes and systems; and we empower people by providing the systems and tools needed to create and maintain change.

Our team can help design and deploy an effective and clearly understood set of metrics and communication mechanisms to align stakeholder expectations and establish a concrete execution plan.

We can assist organizations in developing robust systems for Leadership Standard Work, a core concept of the Lean methodology that drives process improvement and daily accountability through active executive involvement.

We help define reliable work processes linked to the overall goals and objectives of an organization. Utilizing a proven system of strategy deployment, UL experts are able to align all work activities according to customers’, regulators’ and other stakeholders’ needs. This approach promotes cross-functional collaboration and structured and sustainable organization of daily activities.

The core of the continuous improvement methodology is respect for people. By involving all staff in improvement efforts, UL knowledge experts are quickly able to gain buy-in, facilitate consensus and ultimately raise employee satisfaction.

We further help maintain positive change through the support of advisors available on a per-project basis and via advanced training, including UL Lean Six Sigma certification programs that are designed to build capability for continuous improvement.