Missed deadlines, defective products and poor employee morale lead to financial losses and low customer satisfaction. Lack of alignment between departments and functional areas such as R&D, marketing and operations creates organizational chaos. Continuous improvement processes help address these and other quality issues confronting the manufacturing industry.

Our services for the industry utilize the core principles that guide UL’s entire continuous improvement approach: Align—Enable—Empower. We help leaders align their organizations toward a common goal to create a culture of continuous improvement. We enable transformation by helping develop internal improvement capability, and we empower people by providing the coaching for creating supportive systems and tools.

Continuous improvement focuses on eliminating wasteful processes that interfere with the provision of increased value to customers. By identifying and focusing on customer value and visualizing the associated processes or “value streams” involved in delivering it, UL knowledge experts are able to quickly identify areas of inefficiencies—such as excessive inventory, long wait times, defects and errors—and quantify their impact on the cost and quality of a product or a service.

Using the structured DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) methodology, UL specialists are able to diagnose the exact root cause of the problem, identify effective countermeasures and help prevent its recurrence. Then, utilizing a proven system of strategy deployment, UL can help companies create and maintain alignment between high-level organizational goals and objectives and daily activities of the frontline staff, across facilities, geographies and business functions.

We further help maintain positive change through the support of advisors available on a per-project basis and via advanced training, including UL Lean Six Sigma certification programs that are designed to build capability for continuous improvement.