UL provides the latest fire testing capabilities to the record protection equipment industry. With unmatched experience and insight, we have helped to write many of the industry test standards that are referenced in building codes.

To safeguard valuable financial, medical and personal data from fire and burglary, businesses need to select record protection equipment that protects the specific storage media they use—whether paper, EDP magnetic tapes and photographic records, or flexible computer disks. For 80 years, UL has developed test methodologies that evaluate and rate the performance of a range of self-contained, movable devices, including file cabinets, single- and double-door safes, and single-lid containers. Ratings reflect the type of media these devices are intended to protect, the length of time they can withstand exposure to heat and an optional test to evaluate protection against impact. UL subjects all six sides of these devices to various test conditions. Using a furnace chamber, fire engineers expose the device to the temperature conditions specified in the test standard for the applicable class rating: Class 350 for paper products, Class 150 for magnetic tapes and Class 125 for flexible disks. Classified products appear in a searchable, up-to-date UL product directory, referenced by more than 2,500 authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and code officials annually.

Our worldwide reach, with an established presence across North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, makes it easy for customers to access UL services.

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