Firestop systems can effectively restore the hourly rating of fire-resistive assemblies that have been breached when electrical, plumbing or mechanical items are installed. Joint systems are used to prevent fire from spreading through linear openings between or within fire-resistive floor and/or wall assemblies.

Single-source testing and rating from UL helps ensure that firestop and joint systems comply with current industry standards and provide a high level of protection for people and property. This testing and rating can also be conducted to Canadian standards and European standards.

We also evaluate firestop and joint systems based on the specific characteristics of each material or system for possible flame, temperature, air and smoke leakage, and water resistance ratings.

UL can create the fire exposure conditions of a fully developed building fire. Tests using horizontal and vertical furnaces and multistory equipment ensure that buildings and their installed mechanical systems meet and maintain the hourly rating required for fire-resistive floor and wall assemblies.

Through the qualified contractor program, UL is also able to assess and qualify contractors that install systems to protect penetrations and joint systems. This program provides a UL-issued certificate to companies that demonstrate knowledge of these products and have established quality management systems concerning training, installation, and proper handling of firestop and joint system components.