UL provides the latest fire testing capabilities to the building products industry. With unmatched experience and insight, we have helped write many of the industry test standards that are referenced in building codes.

Our fire safety team tests a wide range of products and materials for fire resistance, including steel protection materials, gypsum wallboard, fire-resistant glazing materials, studs and joists, partition panels, and ceiling systems. Our building materials team has access to full fire-testing capabilities throughout the world, with both large and small furnaces available, including a modern panel furnace at our Northbrook laboratory. UL can also conduct engineering studies on changes in previously evaluated construction to determine if those changes would impact the fire-resistive performance.

We offer a streamlined path to compliance and global market access with service bundles that include all necessary tests and certifications. UL is an accredited Notified Body to European Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD), enabling us to assess fire-resistance products to applicable standards and issue the CE Certificate of conformity where the appropriate harmonized standard exists. We can conduct a combined fire resistance test program that includes critical requirements of the UL, EN and British (BS) test standards for wide market acceptance across North America, the Middle East and Asia where UL, British or EN standards are recognized.

UL is also able to assess and qualify contractors who apply spray-applied fire resistive materials through the qualified contractor program. This program provides a UL-issued certificate to companies that demonstrate knowledge of these materials and have established quality management systems concerning training, installation, and proper handling of spray-applied fire resistive materials.