With unmatched experience and insight, we have written many of the industry test standards that are referenced in building codes.

Construction equipment may include scaffolding, scaffold platforms, and scaffold hoists, which are used for window cleaning, building maintenance, façade services, wind turbine servicing or other elevated tasks. Power operated hoists, which are classified as material handling equipment are intended to lift and lower materials using either chain or wire rope hung from a fixed member. These products can be evaluated for indoor or outdoor installations or both.

Our safety team evaluates a wide range of products for performance, load capacities, shock hazards and electrical fires according to U.S. and Canadian standards. These simulated tests ensure that the equipment protects people and property against specific hazards. Tests can be conducted at UL’s laboratories in Northbrook, Illinois, USA; witnessed at the manufacturer’s facility; or witnessed at another third party laboratory selected by the manufacturer.

UL’s established presence across North America and abroad makes it easy for customers to utilize our services for all their needs.