September 19th, 2016

Xanterra Partners with UL to help reduce waste and improve recycling at the Grand Canyon National Park

Denver-based National Park concessions manager, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, Inc., has helped guests access some of the most beautiful natural sites on earth since 1905. With a mission of offering legendary hospitality with a softer footprint, Xanterra has long been a pioneer of environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability. So in 2016 they engaged UL… read more

September 13th, 2016

How Will Manufacturers Meet the Demand for Low-Emitting Furnishings?

The age of sustainability is here and consumers are now actively engaged, demanding products that support health and safety for people and the planet. Consumers care about a breadth of issues, from water conservation, to waste reduction, to product safety and social responsibility. In fact, according to a Shelton Group Pulse study, 70% of consumers… read more

August 15th, 2016

Zero Waste is not a destination; it’s a journey

Popularized by environmentalists and sustainability programs that envision the circular economy of the future, waste reduction and diversion programs are quickly proliferating across companies large and small. Generating Zero Waste can be a challenge for even those with the most sophisticated waste management programs and can be particularly daunting to those just getting started. However,… read more

August 10th, 2016
EPA Releases Finalized Formaldehyde Rule for Composite Wood Products
August 8th, 2016
UL’s Product Lens™ Report – Context and Interpretation
June 29th, 2016
Microbial resistance testing and why it matters to manufacturers
June 13th, 2016
UL’s Dr. Marilyn Black will be speaking at NeoCon June 2016
June 2nd, 2016
Styrene Added to Proposition 65 List of Chemicals
May 12th, 2016
Looking to Achieve ATCM Compliance from an Approved CARB Certification Lab?
May 5th, 2016
By-Product Synergy: A New Environmental Claim Validation