By James Walker – UL Laboratory Leader

UL has completely redesigned our LED Goniophotometer (model 6220T). The new design allows a greater range of vertical travel and is capable of testing a luminaire almost 11 inches tall.  When equipped with a spectroradiometer, the 6220T is capable of measuring color angular uniformity and color quantities such as CCT, CRI and spectral power distribution (wavelength x wavelength distribution).

Specific Specifications

  • Capable of measuring a luminaire with a luminous opening of 24 inches x 24 inches or a diameter as large as 33.9 inches
  • Fits in a room approximately 10.5 feet wide x 18.3 feet long x 10.5 feet high
  • Same high speed data collection
  • Same maximum luminaire weight of 132 pounds
  • LM-79 compliant

This small goniophotometer is excellent for:

  • Measuring smaller LED luminaries
  • R&D development
  • Adding capacity to an already busy larger goniophotometer
  • Fitting into a smaller space – only requires a 10.5-ft ceiling

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