Cable harness, loom with connectors

Determining that components used in UL Certified products are consistent with their descriptions in the “UL Follow-Up Service Procedure” is key to verifying compliance with UL requirements. Determining compliance of components used in UL Certified products is also an important step in bringing safer products to market. Additionally, maintaining the traceability of these components helps support the ongoing integrity of the supply chain, resulting in higher levels of confidence that components being received meet sourcing requirements.

When cable manufacturers sell their products to distributors and/or processors, who in turn perform a processing or respooling operation, the original UL label may no longer accompany the product when it leaves the distributor and / or processor. The original UL label provides evidence of UL Certification while the surface printed UL logo on the cable is a supplemental means of traceability and is not the primary evidence of UL Certification. Without evidence of UL Certification, the end-user may encounter traceability issues and / or held shipments if they cannot prove the cable they sourced as a component in their end product is in fact a UL Certified cable. Traceability issues are not limited to end-product manufacturers. If processed or respooled cables are sold directly to installers, construction may be halted by an authority if the installer is unable to provide evidence of UL Certification for the cables they are installing. The proliferation of counterfeit and substandard cable products in the marketplace makes the verification of UL Certification status more critical than ever to end users, from OEMs to installers.

To help support supply chain integrity while meeting the traceability needs of end users and ensuring that safe products make it to the market quickly, UL offers three traceability programs for wire and cable distributors and processors, detailed below:

Certified Processed Wire and Respooled Wire (ZKLU, ZKLU7) – This program provides traceability for a variety of Listed and Classified wire and cable types that have been subjected to processing after original manufacturing and UL labeling. This processing may include cutting to specified lengths, insulation stripped from one or both ends, soldering / tinning of the stripped ends and / or the attachment of simple terminations. These processed products would bear a UL Certified “Processed Wire” label, which is available in various piece count denominations. This program also covers respooling into smaller quantities, but respooled products would bear a UL Certified “Processed Wire Respooled” label. The label is applied to each respooled length and has no denomination. The Processed / Respooled label is attached to the tag, reel or smallest unit container into which the product is packaged. The distributor / processor is responsible for transferring onto their own tags all engineering tag markings provided by the original wire manufacturer.

Recognized Component Processed Wire and Respooled Wire (ZKLU2, ZKLU8) – The scope of this program is the same as the UL Certified Processed Wire and Respooled Wire program; however, it only covers the processing or respooling of Recognized Component Appliance Wiring Material (AWM).

Recognized Component Wiring Harnesses (ZPFW2, ZPFW8) – This program provides traceability for wiring harnesses that are assembled at off-site locations and intended for use as factory installed components at an end-product manufacturing facility. Harnesses are defined as components consisting of two or more wires joined electrically and / or mechanically, and may include connectors, plugs, strain reliefs, splices, etc. Harnesses should be constructed in accordance with a harness diagram or engineering specification provided by the end-product manufacturer. A UL Representative will verify that the components used in the manufacture of the harness comply with the end-product manufacturer’s requirements. One of the verifications will include the UL Certification status for the wire used in the harness and whether it was sourced directly from a UL Certified cable manufacturer or from a UL Certified respooler. If the harness is determined to be in compliance, it may be shipped with the UL Recognized Wiring Harness label. Additional traceability counterchecks are determined at the end-product manufacturing location to assure that all harness features comply with the end-product Follow-Up Service Procedure. Harnesses may be labeled individually or in bulk quantities.

As these are traceability programs, minimal to no testing is involved in establishing a UL Certification and turnaround time is quick. Standard labels are also available for each traceability program for immediate use by UL clients.

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