By Brian McBain / Senior Regulatory Affairs Representative

UL Product SpecTM is a powerful online search tool that helps you easily locate cUL and ULC certification information needed to achieve safe, sustainable code compliant installations.

In 2014, UL released a web-based compliance search tool called UL Product SpecTM.  This is not an App, requires no special login access or training to use and is designed to work equally well on laptops, notebooks, iPads, and smart phones.  This search tool is a combination of five tools in one, and includes the following customized searches:

  1. Search by installation code requirements using section numbers from 32 of the most commonly used North American model codes.
  2. Search by product name using common industry terms.
  3. Browse electrical, fire and building UL product categories organized by intuitive groupings. You can also locate a variety of fire rated assemblies, systems and designs using construction parameters, ratings, and materials, or using UL design numbers.
  4. Find information based on traditional UL product category codes.
  5. Use the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) MasterFormat section numbers as a basis for the search.

Now UL Product SpecTM has a search feature for cUL and ULC certifications.  To access the Canadian version of UL Product SpecTM go to  and click on the Canadian Certifications search link to search all of UL’s Canadian Certifications/Listings (cUL and ULC). You have four options for searching:

By installation code section

By product type keyword

By product, system or assembly, or

By cUL/ULC Product Category code

The installation code search enables you to search for products that are cUL or ULC certified and covered by the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1; the National Building Code of Canada or the National Fire Code of Canada. The products, systems and assemblies search also offers access to cUL certified fire resistance rated assemblies and firestop systems, both searchable by assembly/system number or specific construction and performance parameters.

This new release is the first phase of better providing certification information for Canadian code authorities, architects and designers. ULC fire resistance rated designs and ULC firestop systems have not yet been included in Product Spec.  However users can access these designs using the ULC Online Certification Directory at

For more information on using UL Product SpecTM, please access a YouTube demonstration video on “How to Use UL Product SpecTM” at  Alternatively, please contact Brian McBain at or +1.613.751.3404, or Pierre McDonald at or +1.780.419.3202