HDMI cable isolated on a white backgroundHDMI cable isolated on a white background

UL issued its performance verification to 4K cables of the following applicants.

Company Name UL File No. Product Information
Amphenol Assembletech (Xiamen) Co Ltd DVAA.E484158 HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 1m
He Jia Industrial (HK) Ltd DVAA.E479165 HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 1 – 4m
HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 1m
Johnson Components & Equipments Co Ltd DVAA.E482164 HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 5m
Copartner Technology Corp. DVAA.E479188 HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 1.3m
HDMI interface, 18 Gbps, Passive, 7 m


These 4K verified cables are evaluated to meet the testing requirements of the UL4000 standard and its associated data transmission rate. These represent UL’s first performance verifications of 4K cables, which include a comprehensive follow-up and market surveillance program that helps insure a healthy and ongoing compliant supply chain.

With evolving 4K display technology becoming widely accepted in the marketplace, there is growing concern among brand owners, installers, retailers, and end-users about the reliability of the data transmission rate through the cables connecting 4K devices.  A globally recognized and trusted UL Mark on your cables or packaging provides your customers confidence and peace of mind regarding the quality of the cables they purchase.

For additional information, please contact Anthony Tassone at Anthony.T.Tassone@ul.com.