patch network cables connected to switch

With the Category 8 (CAT8) standards already published, it is important to have your cable, channel, and permanent links verified to ensure they can meet the high through-put demands of your data centers. With a view to address the needs of end-users, designers and installers looking for next-generation materials, UL has recently launched a new performance verification program for CAT8 Cable.

Category 8 cabling and components have been specified for transmission performance requirements up to 2 GHz for IEEE 25GBASE-T/40GBASE-T applications with a maximum length of 30 meters. This next-generation cabling offers four times the bandwidth of standard Category 6A cabling and is fully backward compatible with Category 6A cabling, including RJ45 connectivity.

As specified in the standards, the cable consists of four (4) thermoplastic insulated twisted pairs, 22 – 24 AWG conductors, employing an overall metallic shield and or individual pair shields under an overall thermoplastic jacket. Due to required shielding, installers and contractors will now need to ensure prudent cable / connector shield termination and proper grounding / bonding measures in their Local Area Network (LAN).

With the availability of Category 8 solutions, end-users and LAN infrastructure and building designers can now future-proof their facilities to meet the high demands of tomorrow’s data centers.