With residential solar continuing its rapid growth, safety remains a top priority for states, utilities and manufactures alike. In recognition of this increasing safety focus, UL published UL 1741 Supplement A (SA), Standard for Inverters, Converters, Controllers and Interconnection System Equipment for Use with Distributed Energy Resources. This advanced inverter testing helps lay the foundation for smart grids and distributed generation (DG) by specifying test methods that ensure safety while enabling DG devices to respond correctly in the smart grids of tomorrow.

Recently, SMA America announced that its Sunny Boy-US series of inverters achieved UL 1741 SA listing, making it the first residential inverter listed under this standard. Currently, California and Hawaii are the only two states mandating compliance to these specific requirements but others are expected to follow suit. Although compliance in California and Hawaii is not required until September 2017, SMA wanted to stay one step ahead by becoming compliant six months early. “We are pleased to see SMA making a continued, concerted effort to manufacture inverters that will help meet the needs of the modern utility grid,” said Jeff Smidt, vice president and general manager, UL Energy and Power Technologies division.

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