In the last post on this subject, we considered the benefits of sustainable procurement for business. But “sustainable purchasing” can mean lot of different things to a lot of different people. In an effort to provide a framework and some best practices around sustainable procurement, a new standard, ISO 20400 is under development. Slated to be finalized later in 2017, it will provide a unified definition of sustainable procurement, identify tools for sustainable procurement activities, and outline steps for implementing a program.

For the vast majority of companies that already have a procurement program in place, the standard will help them seamlessly integrate the sustainability requirement without starting anew.

A trusted expert in sustainability standards development, and third party certifier, UL Environment has been involved with the creation of ISO 20400. Part of our value is offering trusted third party certifications of products that have reduced environmental impact. These certifications make it easy for purchasers to dependably select products that support human health and the environment. A new online resource, SPOT, allows buyers to select from among a wide range of sustainable products.

Whether you are making products that offer reduced environmental impact, or building and measuring a sustainability program from the ground up, UL can help you improve your sustainability, regulatory, compliance, supply chain and procurement operations. Click here to read our full length article on sustainable procurement.

For more information about the new standard and what it means for sustainable procurement, visit our website.