Power Distribution Blocks can now be UL Certified for use in the U.S. and Canada at the same time.

Save time and reduce costs with UL’s one test program to meet U.S. and Canadian requirements for Power Distribution Block certification.  This category covers power distribution blocks rated 750 V or less and intended to be used on the load side of service equipment.

Power distribution blocks are used for splicing and tapping conductors in metallic wireways, auxiliary gutters, cabinets, cutout boxes, termination boxes, and the like, or enclosures designed for the purpose in order to distribute power to separate circuits or loads.

A power distribution block consists of one or more terminal wire connectors mounted on an insulating base. Each connector has provisions for one or more incoming run conductors and multiple tap conductors. A tap conductor is of the same or smaller size as the incoming run conductor. The connectors may be of the lay-in construction, which do not require the incoming run conductor to be terminated.

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