The importance of retail fire safety inspections

Fires in retail occupancies can have devastating effects, including business disruption, loss of revenue, damage to property and, in the worst scenarios, injury or death. Even small fires can result in significant loss. Retailers have a responsibility to shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which they are located to reduce the chance of fire in their stores.

In-house or third-party inspections, to complement local fire department inspections, help increase the level of fire safety. By partnering with a third-party inspection provider, retailers can benefit from:

  • Decreased insurance premiums (in some situations)
  • Reduced risk of fires at the inspection site
  • Verified code compliance to identify and correct deficiencies

UL Building Inspection Services offer these benefits and, in some locations, may alleviate the need for fire department inspections. UL partners with your team to find the best measures to reduce the risk of fire in your business. Our professional team also completes a fire safety risk assessment to ensure you have a best in class fire prevention program.

To learn more about how a third-party investigation with UL can help keep you safe, contact Mike Halligan at