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UL 325 – Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators

  • UL 325 remains active with a number of proposals in various stages of the standards development process. In addition to current standards activity, UL was asked by industry in Canada and the US to propose UL 325 as a joint Canada-US standard to align the requirements in both countries. Publication of one standard for both countries is an efficient way for Canadian and US requirements to remain technically consistent. Maintaining the joint standard under a single consensus committee (STP 325) will also reduce duplication of efforts. The subcommittee working on the initial draft standard has been meeting regularly, and completion of the draft for preliminary STP review is scheduled for Q4 of 2016.


UL 507 – Electric Fans

  • A meeting of STP 507, to discuss several new proposals and other current standards activity, was held in February 2016. As a result of the meeting, a series of new proposals will be moved to STP preliminary review, including several addressing new motor requirements. In addition, other proposals resulting from the meeting discussion will move to STP ballot.


STP 745 – Electric Tools

  • With the IEC transition to the new IEC 62841 series of standards for hand-held and transportable tools, and lawn and garden machinery, adoption of the associated UL 62841 series of standards continues, when appropriate, as the IEC editions are published.
  • UL announced the publication of the first edition of the Standard for Electric Motor-Operated Hand-Held Tools, Transportable Tools and Lawn and Garden Machinery, UL 62841, Part 3-1: Transportable Table Saws. UL 62841-3-1 is a bi-nationally harmonized (US and Canada) standard that reflects a combination of the table saw requirements from the legacy UL Standard for Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools, UL 987, and the IEC version of 62841-3-1. During the adoption/ harmonization of UL 62841-3-1, a proposal was included that would have required an active injury mitigation system (AIMS). The AIMS proposal did not reach consensus within the Standards Technical Panel (STP); however, technical comments are still under review.


UL 749 – Household Dishwashers (Bi-national standard with Canada)

  • The proposed 9th Edition of the UL 749 ballot closed in January 2016. STP consensus was reached, but with comments. The technical harmonization committee (THC) completed its review of the comments and changes to the proposals based on comments received. Recirculation, which opened October 7, is next, with a closing date of November 21.


UL 858 – Electric Ranges

  • UL 858 continues to be very active in 2016, with a series of six new proposals completing STP preliminary review during Q1. These included new requirements for induction heating appliances and changes to the recent addition of cooking oil ignition testing. The proposals moved to STP ballot which closed September 13. There were several negative votes, and a number of comments received during ballot are currently under review. Recirculation will be next for several of the proposals, with a target timeframe of early November.


UL 923 – Microwave Cooking Appliances

  • Several new proposals, including a new supplement for electronic circuits, were circulated for STP preliminary review June 10, 2016, with a closing date of June 24. A number of comments were received and are currently under review in preparation to move to ballot. In addition, a task group was formed to develop proposals intended to reduce the likelihood of a very young child being able to open a microwave oven door and access heated food or drink that may cause injury. This task group has been meeting regularly in an effort to develop substantive proposals to revise UL 923.


UL 982 – Household Food Preparing Machines

  • A series of eleven proposals moved to STP ballot during Q2 of 2016. The proposals include requirements covering blender touchscreen controls, blender blade endurance, fill line for food processors, use of button/coin cell batteries, and several related to markings and instructions. All eleven proposals reached consensus, and are moving to publication.


UL 1017 – Vacuum Cleaners, Blower Cleaners, and Household Floor Finishing Machines (Bi-national standard with Canada)

  • The proposed 10th edition of UL 1017 was circulated for STP preliminary review in July 2017. Based on the comments received, the proposed new edition is being prepared for ballot with a target timeframe of Q4 2016.


UL 1278 – Movable and Wall- or Ceiling-Hung Electric Room Heaters

  • The task group working on a new supplement for smart-enabled room heaters is continuing its work in that area. Based on the work still necessary, the ballot timeframe has not been determined. Several additional proposals moved to ballot June 10, 2016 (closed July 11). These included requirements for clarification of alarms, clarification of static load test for hanging means and clarification of requirements for heating elements. Several negative votes were received as well as comments, which are now under consideration. Recirculation will be next, with a target timeframe of Q4 2016.


UL 2157 – Electric Clothes Washing Machines and Extractors (Bi-National Standard with Canada)

  • A new revision cycle covering the proposed new (4th) edition is underway. The STP preliminary review closed September 29, 2016. Comments will be reviewed by the technical harmonization committee (THC), and the proposed standard will be prepared for ballot. The target timeframe for ballot is Q4 2016.


UL 2158 – Electric Clothes Dryers (Bi-National Standard with Canada)

  • A new revision cycle covering the proposed new (5th) edition is underway. The STP preliminary review closed September 29, 2016. Comments will be reviewed by the technical harmonization committee (THC), and the proposed standard will be prepared for ballot. The target timeframe for ballot is Q4 2016.


UL 60335-1 – Household and Similar Electrical Appliances, Part 1: General Requirements

  • The 6th Edition of UL 60335-1 was circulated for STP ballot in early 2016 and consensus was achieved. Recirculation was then completed as of August 15, and publication is scheduled for October 31.


UL 60335-2-24 – Household Refrigerators, Ice-Cream Appliances, and Ice-Makers (Tri-National Standard with Canada and Mexico)

  • The 2nd Edition of UL 60335-2-24 was circulated for STP ballot during Q2 2016. The proposed new edition did not reach consensus, but did receive enough affirmative ballots to continue on in the process to recirculation. The THC reviewed all comments received during the ballot and is considering further changes to include in the proposal prior to recirculation. Target completion of that step, and for recirculation to begin, is Q4 2016.


UL 60335-2-40 – Household Electrical Heat Pumps, Air-Conditioners and Dehumidifiers

  • Several new proposals, including realignment of the 2nd edition of UL 60335-2-40 with the current edition of IEC 60335-2- 40, were circulated to the STP for preliminary review in Q1 2016. The technical harmonization subcommittee reviewed the comments received and prepared the document for STP ballot. The STP ballot opened September 16, 2016, and closes November 15.