UL the Follow-Up Inspection Instructions (FUIIs) for the extruded wire categories and notified the impacted subscribers with a bulletin dated June 30, 2017. Significant changes were made to document formatting and the Manufacturer’s and UL Field Engineer’s responsibilities. All of the requirements in the General Wire and Cable FUII (referred to as the “General FUII”) and applicable Addendums went into effect July 1, 2017, with the exception of the UL Mark (label) control requirements which are effective December 31, 2017. The following is the summary of the changes:

I. Document Formatting General FUII and Addendums

The FUII’s have been structured so there will be one General FUII; in cases where additional surveillance information is necessary, an “Addendum” to the General FUII is made. Reformatting of the FUIIs introduces efficiencies as the base requirements will be the same for the majority of the categories.

II. Follow-Up Testing at the Factory and at UL

Each test that is performed as part of the Manufacturer’s Test Program, UL Field Engineer’s Countercheck Program and Follow-Up Testing at UL was reviewed, including current manufacturing technology, the compliance history over the last several years, and the inherent risks associated with these products. The test items and test frequency were adjusted based on the review outcome. Additionally, a complete inspection of the product by the UL Field Engineer will no longer be a prerequisite for a sample selection.

III. UL Mark (Label) Control Program at the Factory

Subscribers will be required to develop and implement a label control program at their manufacturing facilities. UL will require manufacturers to document a process describing their method for control of the UL Mark at the factory. UL Field Engineers will be responsible for auditing this process, regardless of whether or not UL labeled production is available at the time of the inspection visit.

As this is a major change of the FUIIs, your local Field Engineer can assist you with any questions regarding this bulletin or the filing of the FUII pages in your UL Procedure. Any program questions concerning the above can be directed to your local office or to Alice Lin at Alice.Lin@ul.com. Technical questions can be directed to Susan Stene at Susan.L.Stene@ul.com, Anthony Tassone at Anthony.T.Tassone@ul.com or Mario Xerri at Mario.A.Xerri@ul.com.