The Sign Component Manual (also known as the SAM) contains all of the major components associated with the construction of electric signs including conduit, gasket materials, insulating bushings, neon transformers & power supplies, sub-component digital signs, LED modules, LED power supplies, sign face construction materials, and LED drivers & controllers. Components and accessories in the SAM are evaluated to comply with UL879, Standard for Electric Sign Components.

The SAM is designed to be a buyer’s guide for sign shops and designers.  Any manufacturer who wants to build signs that are exempt from testing and streamline their UL certification process will pick from components already included in the SAM. The SAM lists the conditions of acceptability for each component to help the sign designer specify pre-qualified components. The SAM is also used by UL Representatives performing UL Follow-Up Service inspection.

The Sign Component Manual (SAM) is now incorporated in the UL iQ family of databases and can be accessed under the title “UL iQ for Sign Components”. The searching power and features of iQ will make it easier to find specific sign components and accessories. The iQ for Sign Components is a live database that reflects the latest certification information thus eliminating the need to wait for periodic updates of a manual. Click here to begin using the iQ for Sign Components.

For more information about the SAM or ULs Sign certification programs, please contact John Gallo, Sr. Staff Engineer, by using the Contact Button.