From the earliest stone seats and beds used by non-nomadic cultures some 5,000 years ago to today’s advanced designs that are functional, comfortable and aesthetically attractive, furniture is an essential part of the human experience. Furniture contributes to the functionality and usefulness of every inhabited space, including commercial and institutional settings, residential environments and retail establishments, as well as outdoor recreational areas. As general living standards continue to improve for billions of people around the world, the global demand for furniture and furniture products is expected to experience continued strong growth, and provide important business opportunities for manufacturers.

About this White Paper:

This UL white paper provides a summary of the types of product testing and assessment applicable to manufacturers of various types of furniture products, including furniture intended for use in commercial, institutional, retail and residential settings.

Directed At:

Manufacturers; retailers; built environment professionals; policy and other influencers; service professionals; Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)