Most people don’t think twice about which way the wind will blow or how steady it will be, but those details are significant for wind energy professionals. AWS Truepower, a UL Company specializing in wind resource and energy production, recognizes the value of this data and has been providing detailed wind information since 2010 with The Wind Trends Bulletin. This monthly, quarterly, and annual bulletin provides valuable wind data on a global, continental, and country level.

By understanding the wind’s performance, wind plant owners and operators can understand plant performance, too. As a general rule, every 1% change in average wind speed leads to a 1%-2% change in plant output. With the bulletin’s relatively new Wind Index, wind plants can also monitor the average wind anomaly (expressed as percent deviations from the long-term average speed for the same calendar period) for every country and continent. This anomaly data, weighted by locations and rated capacities of currently operating plants, helps owners and operators understand and anticipate wind changes.

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