PanaHome, a leading housing provider in Japan, had pioneered new ground in championing good indoor air quality (IAQ) by earning the world’s first ever UL GREENGUARD Certification for Homes for its “CASART” house. This landmark accomplishment will pave the way to offering improved quality of life by pursuing good indoor air quality (IAQ) in homes. Growing concerns over chemical exposure have been addressed primarily by IAQ initiatives in commercial spaces. However, IAQ is also critical in homes. By earning UL’s GREENGUARD Certification for its CASART house, PanaHome has taken a bold step toward addressing human chemical exposure concerns in homes.

Some of the measures taken to achieve good IAQ in the CASART homes include a ventilation system to reduce atmospheric particulate matters (e.g. PM 2.5) from outdoors. PanaHome has also enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ) by mitigating the emission of volatile organic compounds (e.g. formaldehyde, toluene and xylene), which may affect to human health and lead to sick building syndrome.

Building on its reputation for testing and certifying to stringent indoor air quality standards, UL hopes to increase awareness and improve indoor environments with its new GREENGUARD Certification for Homes.

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