Near Field Communications

Near field communications (NFC) is a wireless communications technology protocol
that enables devices positioned in close proximity to one another to share information.
Because it is generally more secure than other wireless technologies, NFC has been
widely adopted as a protocol for financial and payment applications. However,
the future for NFC-enabled technologies extends beyond financial transactions to
encompass a host of additional uses, including wearable technologies, secured location
access, transportation applications and even improved healthcare delivery. As such,
devices incorporating NFC technologies are poised for explosive growth in the years
This UL white paper provides an overview of NFC technology, its benefits and its
potential future uses. Beginning with a brief review of the technical foundations of
NFC, the paper identifies the current and anticipated uses for devices incorporating
NFC technology as well as the projected market growth of NFC-based applications. The
paper then reviews the requirements of standards applicable to NFC-equipped devices,
and concludes with some recommendations for manufacturers seeking to leverage NFC
technology in their products.

2 Responses to “Near Field Communications: The Current Path and the Road Ahead”

  1. Davide Cecconello says:

    I hope this would be interesting.

  2. Davide Cecconello says:

    ..but how to download the whitepaper?

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