UL iQ™ provides databases that help you find products that meet your needs with quick, intuitive searches. The UL iQ™ database for Wire and Cable has been updated to include three new product categories. These enhancements will allow users of these products to more quickly identify the specific product certified by a particular company.

These new UL iQ™ database categories are Marine Shipboard Cable (UBVZ), Power and Control Tray Cable (QPOR), and Cable for Use in Hazardous Locations (PJPP).

The Marine Shipboard Cable update includes the ability to search by type (control, distribution or signal) and to determine if the cable is additionally certified to IEEE 1580.  Search results indicate the manufacturers that meet the inputted criteria as well as additional parameters such as temperature and voltage rating, insulation and jacket materials and the type of armor used.

The Power and Control Tray Cable update allows users to search for a particular type of tray cable – Type TC, TC-ER, TC-ER-HL, and TC-ER-JP – as well as for the Canadian certified types CIC and ACIC.

The Hazardous Locations Cable update also allows users to search for a particular type of cable deemed suitable for use in Hazardous Locations. These cable types include ITC-HL, MC-HL, TC-ER-HL and the Canadian type TECK-90.

The UL iQ Database for Wire and Cable can be accessed at http://plastics.ul.com/wire/. If you have questions about the database or have feedback regarding future enhancements, please contact the engineer who typically handles your product submittals.

The complete library of UL iQ™ databases can be found at http://iq.ul.com/.